CG100 Auto ECU Programmer Update Log

V6.9.5.0  Paid Version  NEW   


1. Added 26 models to dashboard.

2. Added 1 models to read-write.

V6.9.4.0  Paid Version  


1. Added 27 models to dashboard.

V6.9.3.0  Paid Version  


1. Added 29 models to dashboard.

V6.9.2.0  Paid Version 


1. Added 29 models to dashboard.

V6.9.1.0  Paid Version  


1. Added 21 models to dashboard.

2. Added 6 models to airbag.

3. Added 2 models to read-write.

V6.9.0.0  Paid Version 


1. Added 25 models to dashboard.

2. Added 2 models to read-write.

V6.8.9.0  Paid Version  


1. Added 27 models to dashboard.

V6.8.8.0  Paid Version  


1. Added 15 models to dashboard.
2. Added 3 models to airbag.
3. Added 6 models to read-write.

V6.8.7.0  Paid Version 


1. Added 23 models to dashboard.

2. Added 2 models to airbag.

3. Added 2 models to read-write.

V6.8.6.0  Paid Version 


1.Volkswagen MQB adds 6 new capacitor removal method models and Volkswagen Generation 4 anti-theft adds 1 new capacitor removal method model.

2.Added 23 models to dashboard.

3.Added 1 models to read-write.

V6.8.5.0  Paid Version


1.Added 12 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 3 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 7 models for data read and write function.

V6.8.4.0  Paid Version


1.Dashboard adds 25 models;

2.BCM adds 1 model.

V6.8.3.0  Paid Version


1.Added MQB adapter to support mileage adjustment of Volkswagen MQB instrument;

2.25 new vehicle models have been added for instrument mileage adjustment;

3.Two new models are added for airbag computer repair.

V6.8.2.0  Paid Version


1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 12 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 7 models for data read and write function.

V6.8.1.0  Paid Version


1.Added 28 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 1 models for data read and write function.

V6.8.0.0  Paid Version


1.Added 29 models for instrument mileage adjustment.

V6.7.9.0  Paid Version


1.25 new models have been added for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.1 new model is added for body failure repair;

3.6 new models of data reading and writing functions have been added.

V6.7.8.0  Paid Version


1.Added 32 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 2 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.7.0  Paid Version


1.Se agregaron 22 modelos para el ajuste del kilometraje del instrumento.

V6.7.6.0  Paid Version


1.Added 21 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 4 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.5.0  Paid Version


1.Added 13 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 8 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 6 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.4.0  Paid Version


1.Added 34 models for instrument mileage adjustment.

2.Added 3 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.3.0  Paid Version


1.Added 44 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 1 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.2.0  Paid Version


1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 5 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.1.1  Paid Version


1.Added 31 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.0.0  Paid Version


1.Added 23 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 2 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.9.0  Paid Version


1.Added 30 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 1 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.8.0  Paid Version


1.Added 16 models for instrument mileage adjustment;

2.Added 16 models for airbag computer repair;

3.Added 3 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.7.0  Paid Version


1.Added 28 models for airbag computer repair;

2.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.6.0  Paid Version


1.Added 42 models for instrument mileage adjust.

V6.6.5.0  Paid Version


1.Added 28 models for airbag control unit repair.

2.Added 5 models for reading and writing function. 

V6.6.4.0  Paid Version


1.Added 31 models for airbag control unit repair.

2.Added 5 models for reading and writing function. 

V6.6.3.0  Paid Version


1.Added 26 models for instrument mileage adjust.

2.Added 2 models for airbag control unit repair.

3.Added 21 models for reading and writing function. 

V6.6.2.0  Paid Version


1.The mileage modification adds 27 models.

2.Data reading and writing function added 8 models.

V6.6.1.0  Paid Version


1.Added 29 models to dashboard.

2.Added 6 models to airbag.

V6.6.0.0  Paid Version


1.Added 71 models for instrument mileage adjust.

2.Added 22 models for airbag control unit repair.

3.Added 16 models for reading and writing function.

V6.5.9.0  Paid Version


1.Added 43 models to dashboard.

2.Added 12 models to airbag.

3.Added 18 models to read-write.

V6.5.8.0  Paid Version


1.Added 57 models to dashboard.

2.Added 31 models to airbag.

3.Added 15 models to read-write.

V6.5.7.0  Paid Version


1.Added 86 models to dashboard.
2.Added 32 models to airbag.
3.Added 31 models to read-write.

V6.5.6.0  Paid Version


1.Added 55 models to dashboard.
2.Added 15 models to airbag.
3.Added 25 models to read-write.
4.Added 2 models to Body repair.

V6.5.5.0  Paid Version


1.Added the BMW foot space module and the Porsche Cayenne welding free line repair method.
2.Added 4 chips to Programer.
3.Added 69 models to dashboard.
4.Added 36 models to airbag.
5.Added 5 models to read-write.
6.Added 2 models to Body repair.

V6.5.4.0  Paid Version


1.Added Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery.
2.Added 10 chips to Programer.
3.Added 76 models to dashboard.
4.Added 47 models to airbag.
5.Added 15 models to read-write.

V6.5.3.0  Paid Version


1.Added 122 models to dashboard
2.Added 146 models to airbag
3.Added 43 models to read-write

V6.5.2.2  Paid Version


1.Added 2 chips to Programer.
2.Added 55 models to dashboard.
3.Added 32 models to airbag.
4.Added 14 models to read-write.

V6.5.1.0  Paid Version


1.Fixed the problem that the fault code cannot be cleared after TMS570LS1113 is read and written.
2.Added 141 chips to Programer.
3.Added 77 models to dashboard.
4.Added 21 models to airbag.
5.Added 25 models to read-write.
6.Added 2 models to BCM.

V6.5.0.0  Paid Version


1.Added 3 Porsche Cayenne lithium battery repairs to BCM.
2.Added 1 chip to Programer.
3.Added 68 models to Instrument.
4.Added 20 models to Airbag.
5.Added 26 models to read-write.
6.Optimized 43 Instrument models.
7.Optimized 90 Airbag models.

V6.4.9.0  Paid Version


1.Add 80 chips to Programer.
2.Add 59 models to dashboard.
3.Add 45 models to airbag.
4.Add 19 models to read-write.

V6.4.8.0  Paid Version


1.Added 66 models to dashboard.
2.Added 41 models to airbag.
3.Added 4 models to read-write.

V6.4.7.0  Paid Version


1.Add 39 chips to Programer.
2.Add 79 models to dashboard.
3.Add 97 models to airbag.
4.Add 31 models to read-write.

V6.4.6.0  Paid Version


1.Add 20 models R7F701008 automatic repair for airbag repair
2.Optimize 600 airbag algorithms and pictures.
3.Add 100 chips to Programer.
4.Add 107 models to dashboard.
5.Add 119 models to airbag.
6.Add 26 models to read-write.

V6.4.5.0  Paid Version


1.Add 147 chips to Programer.
2.Add 104 models to dashboard.
3.Add 40 models to airbag.
4.Add 8 models to read-write.

V6.4.4.0  Paid Version


1.Added 1 chips to Programer.
2.Added 125 models to dashboard.
3.Added 7 models to airbag.
4.Added 1 models to read-write.

V6.4.3.0  Paid Version


1.Added 33 chips to Programer.

2.Added 184 models to dashboard.

3..Added 7 models to airbag.

4.Added 8 models to read-write.

V6.4.2.0  Paid Version 


1.Add 100 models to dashboard:

2.Add 2 models to read-write:

V6.4.1.0  Paid Version


1.Add 1 chips to Programer.

2.Add 100 models to dashboard.

3.Add 2 models to read-write.

V6.4.0.0  Paid Version


1.Add 118 models to airbag repair.

2.Add 27 models to read-write.

V6.3.0.0  Paid Version


1.Add 89 chips to Programer.

2.Add 188 models to dashboard.

V6.2.8.0  Paid Version


1.Add Volkswagen Johnso dashboard repair function.

2.Add 170 chips to Programer.

3.Add 137 models to dashboard.

4.Add 109 models to airbag.

V6.2.7.0  Paid Version


1.Add 138 chips to Programer.

2.Add 106 models to dashboard.

3.Add 36 models to airbag.

V6.2.6.0  Paid Version


1.Add 35 chips to Programer.

2.The diagram of R5F10D is optimized from Line 6 to Line 4.

3.Add 89 models to dashboard.

4.Beautify 10 wring diagram.

V6.2.4.0  Paid Version


1.Add 4 chips to Programer.

2.Add 231 models to airbag.

V6.2.3.0  Paid Version


1.Add 10 chips to Programer.

2.Add 44 models to dashboard.

3.Add 18 models to airbag.

4.Optimize 20 models which have algorithms and wire diagrams.

V6.2.2.0  Paid Version


1.Add 46 models to dashboard.

2.Add 33 models to airbag.

3.Add 1 models to ECU.

4.Add 32 models which only have read and write function.

V6.2.1.0  Paid Version


1.Add 7 R5F10D dashboard algorithm.

2.Add BMW E-Series FRM free code repair function.

3.Add 1 model to BCM repair(only read and write).

V6.2.0.0  Paid Version


In order to develop more new functions of the CG100 tool and support more models quickly,we will charge a service fee of 87 USD per year, which includes technical support and software upgrade fees for the next 12 months. At the same time, we will guarantee the speed of upgrading . Thanks for your understanding.

1.Add 1207 models to airbag.

2.Add 769 models to dashboard.

3.Add 22 models to ECU.

4.Add chip location map for 207 published dashboard models.

5.Add chip location map for 762 published airbag models.

6.Add a new chip(S6J3001) to Programmer.

V6.1.3.0  Free Version


Programmer increase the following chip models:

  Renesas M32186F8

  NEC R7F701330

V6.1.2.0  Free Version


1.Added text size setting option in menu

2.Fix problems and optimize performance

V6.1.1.0  Free Version


1.Programmer Increase the following chip models











V6.1.0.1  Free Version


1.Optimize the interface and interactive functions. We have simplified the main function entrance, optimized the model selection interaction mode,resulting in a more intuitive and convenient operation experience. 

2.Optimize the search function. Input and search, you can quickly find the target model.

3.Fix bug and enhance software stability.

V6.0.4.0  Free Version


1.Airbag Increase the following models

  WuLing 560 23945367 

  VOLVO XC90 P31451730

  Haima S5 SA12-57-K30

2.9S12 algorithm improvement

  BAIC E130 (Need to sync BCM) 9S12HZ128 

  BAIC E150 (Need to sync BCM) 9S12HZ128 

  BAIC E180 9S12HY64 

  BAIC Senova D50 2014(15) 9S12XHY256 

  BAIC Senova D50 2016 9S12XHZ512 

  BAIC Senova D60 2015 9S12XHY256 

  BAIC Senova X65 2015 9S12XHY256 

  Besturn B90 9S12XHZ512 

  Besturn X80 9S12XHZ512 

  Buick Excelle 2013-2015 9S12HZ256 

  ChangAn Alsvin 9S12HA48 

  ChangAn Alsvin V3 mode 1 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Alsvin V3 mode 2 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Alsvin V5 2013 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn Alsvin V7 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn Auchan 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn AuchanA800 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn CS15 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn CS20 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn CS35 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn CS35 9S12XHY256 

  ChangAn CS75 9S12XHZ512 

  ChangAn CX20 2014- 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn CX70 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin II(9S08LG16) 9S08LG16 

  ChangAn EADO 2012- 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn EADO 2015 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn EADO 2016 9S12XHZ512 

  ChangAn EADO XT 2015(HY64) 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Eulove (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Eulove HY64 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Honor (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Honor (HY48 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn Honor (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn JinNiuXing (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn JinNiuXing (HA48) 9S12HA48 

  ChangAn MINI 2016 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn MiNi 2013 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Pickup (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Raeton 2013- 9S12XHZ512 

  ChangAn RuiXing 9S12HA48 

  ChangAn V7 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn XingKa 2012 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Xingka 9S08LG16 

  ChangAn ZhiShang XT (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Chery Arrizo 3 2014(15) 9S12HY64 

  Chery Arrizo 7 (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Chery Arrizo 7 2014(XHY256) 9S12XHY256 

  Chery Cowin 9S12HA64 

  Chery Cowin 2 2013 9S12HA32 

  Chery Cowin 2 2016 9S12HY64 

  Chery E3 2015(16) 9S12HY64 

  Chery E5 2014 9S12HY64 

  Chery EQ 9S12HY64 

  Chery FengYun 9S12HA64 

  Chery Karry 9S12HA32 

  Chery Karry small truck 2019 9S12HA32 

  Chery M7 9S12HY64 

  Chery QQ 9S12HA64 

  Chery QQ 2013 9S12HA32 

  Chery QQ 2014(HA32) 9S12HA32 

  Chery Tiggo (XHY128) 9S12XHY128 

  Chery Tiggo (XHY256) 2013 9S12XHY256 

  Chery Tiggo 3 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY128) 2016 9S12XHY128 

  Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY256) 2013-2016 9S12XHY256 

  Chevrilet Epica 9S12HZ256 

  DongFeng DongFeng XiaoKang 9S12HA32 

  DongFeng Fengguang 330 9S12HA32 

  DongFeng Fengguang 360 9S12HA32 

  DongFeng Fengguang 370 9S12HY32 

  DongFeng Lingzhi M3 9S12HA32 

  FJMOTOR Keyton (HY32) 9S12HY32 

  FJMOTOR Keyton (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Ford Focus 2009 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Geely EC7 XHY128 9S12XHY128 

  Geely EC7 XHY256 9S12XHY256 

  Geely Emgrand (XHY256) 9S12XHY256 

  Geely Englon (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Geely Englon (HZ128) 9S12HZ128 

  Geely Gleagle 9S12XHZ512 

  Great Wall C30 9S12HY48 

  Great Wall C30 2011 9S12HY48 

  Great Wall H6 (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Great Wall H6 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Great Wall Wingle 6 9S12XHY256 

  HaFei LuBao (HA64) 9S12HA64 

  Haima Family (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  Haima Family (HA48) 9S12HA48 

  Haima Family (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Haima FuShiDa (HY32) 9S12HY32 

  Haima FuShiDa (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Haima HaiMa S5 2014 9S12HY64 

  Haima HaiMa S5 2016 9S12XHY128 

  Haima M5 9S12HY64 

  Haima Qiubite 2013 9S12HA48 

  Huasong Huasong 2015 9S12XHZ512 

  JAC HaoWei 9S12HA48 9S12HA48 

  JAC HaoWei 9S12HY48 9S12HY48 

  JAC JAC M5(1M80F) 9S12XHZ512 

  JAC Kangling 9S12HA48 

  JMC JMC Pickup 9S12XHZ256 

  JMC JMC Pickup 2016(HA32) 9S12HA32 

  JMC JMC Pickup 2016(HA48) 9S12HA48 

  JieFang Dragon V 2014 9S12HZ128 

  JieFang JieFang J6 2012 9S12HZ128 

  JieFang JieFang J6 2017 9S12HZ256 

  JinBei JinBei 2015(HA32) 9S12HA32 

  JinBei JinBei HIAC 2012 9S12HY64 

  JinBei JinBei HIAC 2013- 9S12HA48 

  KINGLONG KingLong 2013 9S12XHZ512 

  KINGLONG KingLong 2014 (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  KINGLONG KingLong 2014 (HY32) 9S12HY32 

  KINGLONG Minibus 9S12HA32 

  LandWind X5 9S12XHY128 

  LandWind X5 PULS 2016 9S12XHY256 

  LandWind X7 9S12XHY256 

  LandWind X8 2016 9S12HA32 

  Leopaard Leopaard 9S12XHY128 

  LiFan CA08 9S12HY64 

  LiFan Lifan 520 2015 9S12HZ128 

  Luxgen U7 9S12HZ256 

  MAXUS G10 9S12HY64 

  MAXUS MAXUS (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  MG MG GS(synchronous BCM) XHZ256 9S12XHZ256 

  MG MG GS(synchronous BCM) XHZ512 9S12XHZ512 

  MG MG GT (synchronous BCM) 9S12XHZ256 

  Nissan Qashqai 9S12XHZ256 

  Nissan Venucia 9S12XHY128 

  Nissan X-TRAIL 2011 9S12XHZ256 

  North Benz North Benz 9S12XHZ256 

  Roewe Roewe 360 2015 9S12XHZ256 

  Roewe Roewe 550 2015 9S12XHZ512 

  Shaanxi Auto Dianniu No.1 9S12HY64 

  SouthEast Lioncel 9S12HA32 

  SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 9S12HY64 

  SouthEast SouEast V5(HY64) 9S12HY64 

  SouthEast SouEast V5(XHY128) 9S12XHY128 

  Venucia Venucia 9S12XHY128 

  Volkswagen Santana 9S12HY48 

  WuLing BaoJun 630 2011 9S12HZ128 

  WuLing BaoJun 730 2015 (XHY256) 9S12XHY256 

  WuLing BaoJun 730 HY64 9S12HY64 

  WuLing BaoJun 730 XHY128 9S12XHY128 

  WuLing HA HY Double row 9S12HA32 

  WuLing HongGuang 9S12HA32 

  WuLing HongGuang S 9S12HA32 

  WuLing RongGuang 9S12HA32 

  WuLing RongGuang single-row 9S12HA32 

  WuLing Sunshine 9S12HA32 

  WuLing WuLing van 2013 9S12HA32 

  WuLing ZhengCheng (9S12HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Xiali N3 2012 9S12HA48 

  Xiali N3+ 2012 9S12HA48 

  Xiali XiaLi N3 9S12HY48 

  Xiali XiaLi N7 2013 9S12HY48 

  Xiali XiaLiA+ 9S12HA48 

  YeMa YeMaT70 9S12XHZ512 

  Yutong Yutong Bus 9S12XHZ512 

  Zhonghua FSV (HA48) 9S12HA48 

  Zhonghua FSV 2010- 9S12HZ128 

  Zhonghua H30 3475031-a8 9S12HA48 

  Zhonghua H330 (HA48) 2013- 9S12HA48 

  Zhonghua H330 2017(XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Zhonghua H530 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Zhonghua H530 2012 (HZ128) 9S12HZ128 

  Zhonghua V5 (HZ128) 2012- 9S12HZ128 

  Zhonghua V5 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Zotye Domy 9S12HA64 

  Zotye Domy X5 ZB1831 9S12HY48 

  Zotye T600 ZB183P1 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Yun 100 2015 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z200 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z300 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z300 2014 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z500 9S12HY48 

3.Picture update

  Airbag Changan 3658100-MK01-W01-AA

V6.0.3.0  Free Version


1.Programmer Increase the following chip models

2.Airbag Increase the following models

3.Atmel increases the following 42 models 

V6.0.2.0  Free Version


1.Atmel increases the following 40 models

V6.0.1.0  Free Version


1.Added Steeting(8 pin) function to support the following 24 models

2.Mileage (8 pin) increases the following 24 models

V6.0.0.1  Free Version


1.Our company has invested much study and development of the CG100, which cover more extensive and comprehensive car models, including more much accurate data, to provide best service for users.

  From this version, we will charge for some updates. Thank you for your understanding and support.

2.Add full-featured version and standard version, distinguish marks. must save the data after reading it before you can do the next step.

4."Other features" added support model: 

  Mercedes-benz new C200 A212 smart computer

5."Mileage(8pin)" added support model: 26pcs

6."Airbag(8pin)" added support model: 735pcs

V5.1.5.0  Free Version


1.Fix BUG that could not be used after modified the Atmel meter mileage. 

2.Add the device number with copy function, the device number; firmware version, function version and ect information are moved to the bottom of the main interface.

3.Fix bugs which affected customers experience

4.Optimize the repair method of 8 Pin airbag

   a Increase the “Clear Fault” option, please firstly use the “Clear Fault” option to fix.

   b Increase the “data coverage” option, use “data coverage” to fix if no the original vehicle explosion data.

   c Optimize the “Clear Fault” option algorithm for thousands of 8 Pin airbags! The success rate of repair is higher than the previous version

V5.1.4.0  Free Version


1.Mileage(8 pin) Increase the following models

  Besturn B70 ZB131D

  Besturn X40 ZB1201A

  Besturn X40 ZB1201B2

  Honda CRV 78100-TLZ-H313

  Honda Odyssey 78100-T6D-H421M1

  Honda CRIDER 78100-T6P-H013

  Honda Civic 78100-TES-H010

  Honda Civic 78100-TET-H112

  Honda Civic 78100-TET-H120

  Dongfeng AX3 Z410010J-F0500

  Dongfeng FENGON 360 3820010-FB03

  Dongfeng FENGON 580 3820010-SA02

  Dongfeng DFSK K-CAR 3820010-EK03

  Ford MAVERICK JV4T-10849-RB

  JMC Yusheng S330 FS1-10849-EK

  Suzuki Alivio 34100-78M90-000

V5.1.3.0  Free Version


1.Universal programmer increases chip models

  Infineon TC222       

  Renesas R5F61721 Read function(Write function is already supported)

  Renesas R5F61723 Read function(Write function is already supported)

  Renesas R5F61725 Read function(Write function is already supported)

  Renesas R5F61726 Read function(Write function is already supported)

  Renesas R5F61797 Read function(Write function is already supported)

2.Mileage(8 pin) Increase the following models

  KIA K3 94003-B5180

  KIA CARENS 94006-1D750

  KIA Sportage 94003-03060


  ROEWE 350S

  BAIC Huansu H3 38200000-B32 V2

  BAIC Huansu H3 38200000-J02

  BAIC Huansu S3 38200000-B24-000

  BAIC Weiwang M30S ZY-ZB116B-36 A00063275

  FAW Junpai D60 83800-TFA70

  FAW NEW-JIABAO 3820010A1V6

  Baojun 310 23560288

  Baojun 310 23893181

  Baojun 730 23930731 V2

  Baojun 730 23930732 V2

  HYUNDAI Avante 94003-4V560

  HYUNDAI Avante 94013-4V760

  HYUNDAI Accent 94003-0M001 V2

  HYUNDAI Yuxiang 94003-0R100

  BENZ GLA 220

  Besturn B50 3820015-EY LB107 ZB1190A

  CHANGAN CS75 3820010-M06

  WULING Journey Altria 3820010-G48

  ZOTYE Z300 3820010-A01 V2

  CHEVROLET Sail 90801835

  Jinbei HIACE 3820100-B02

3.9S12->WuLing->WuLing van 2013 Update wiring diagram.

4.Universal programmer->NEC->R7F701402 Optimized timing.

5.From the next version, in the update prompt box click "Update Later", you can use the software normally, force update is no longer required.

V5.1.2.0  Free Version


1.Mileage(8 pin) Increase the following models

  HONDA CIVIC 78100-TET-H112

  Dongfeng S500 94103-02 BM3-3820020B

  Dongfeng SX79 94103-02 BM3-3820020B

  Dongfeng Fengguang 370 3820010-FB01 V2

  Dongfeng Lingzhi V3 320133 A13-3820040C

  Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong M51-3820410F2

  Dongfeng Yufeng 3801010-K11001





  TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 83800-6AG81-A V2

  TOYOTA sienna 83800-08640-00

  FORD Explorer GB5T-10849-DE

  FUTIAN Oumake L1376010002A0

  Haima S5 SF12-55-430

  JAC M4 L23060 3820100V6500

  JAC Sienna 83800-08640-00

  JAC Geerfa 3801910G4053

  JMC Yusheng 350 CP2-10849-AE

  Jiefang Hanwei ZB2209A

  Jiefang Sailong 3801010-D821H

  LIFAN 720 C3820000     

  Jinbei 750 3820100-C01 V2

  Jinbei HIACE 3820100-B02

2.Remove the "Use old version" feature

V5.1.1.0  Free Version


1.Universal programmer increases chip models

   Serial Flash RH56

   Serial Flash RH66

   Serial Flash RH76

   Serial Flash RH86

   Serial Flash 24LC08

   ST SPC560B54L3

   ST SPC560B54L5

   ST SPC560B60L3

   ST SPC560B60L5

   ST SPC560B60L7

   ST SPC560B64L3

   ST SPC560B64L5

   ST SPC560B64L7  

   Motorala MPC560B   

   Infineon XC2361E-72F

   Infineon XC2361E-104F

   Infineon XC2361E-136F

2.Improvements and fixes

   Optimize the 24 series timing of the 8-pin chip and improve read and write stability.

   Fix known bugs in 93C57.

   Optimize the the Chinese version chip operation Prompt information.

   Optimize the the English version chip operation Prompt information.

   Completion wiring diagram English label information.

3.Repair process of the breakdown Nissan X-Trail   

   3.1 Go to the following interface: CG100->Universal Programmer->Motorola->MPC560BK.  

   3.2 Read data, if it can read normally, write the modified data  for repair. If the prompt is encrypted, please replace the chip to write data for repair. (The customer should prepare the data)

4.The 'Use the old version' feature will no longer be supported in the next version.

V5.1.0.2  Free Version


1.Mileage(8 Pin), added support model:

  BAICHuansu38200000-J01-000 M30S

  BAICHuansuH3 38200000-B32

  BAICM2038200000-B01-000 ZB189B1


  Baojun73023565446 II


  BesturnB303820015-EY LB107 ZB1190A





  CHANGHEFredaZY-ZB116B-12 34100DF8800-000





  DongfengFengguang 3303820010-FA12

  DongfengFengxingLinzhi 320133 CV3-3820010 CM5B-3820

  FAWSENYAR7 3820010A4V7 LB107 ZB1191B

  FORDEdgeFK7T-10849-ANH II

  FORDEscortED8T-10849-AF III



  GEELYYuanjing94209-01 II

  GREAT WALLC503820100XJZ31A











  JACKanglingJAC-2020 3801910D8BT1




  TOYOTALEXUS5700 83800-6AU41-B

  TOYOTALEXUSES300H 83800-33P50

  TOYOTAPRADO2700 83800-6AL80-C




  WULINGRongguangZB169P-B II

  ZXAUTOGrandtigerG001268 3820010-1501 V3820

2.Mileage(8 Pin), algorithm update:



3.MB91, added support model:

  WuLingBaojun 530

  WuLingBaojun 560

4.Programmer, added support model:


5.Improvements and fixes:

  a.9S12 Volvo model adjustment process optimization.

  b.MB91 WuLing Baojun 730 Pin Diagram repair.

  c.Mileage(8 Pin) and Airbag(8 Pin), function page update, increase the search function entry, increase the wiring diagram list.

  d.Updated Renesas R5F61725 driver code, now supports reading.

  e.Other functions Delphi anti-theft 93C66 (6Pin) wiring diagram update, increase the read password function.

  f.Program architecture optimization, memory footprint reduced by 70%.

Tip: The old version of the software has stopped function updates, and will end support after the next few versions of the update, please apply the new version as soon as possible.

V5.0.3.0  Free Version


1.Mileage(8 Pin), added support model:

   BAIC Weiwang M50 A00062144

   Baojun 730 23950964

   Baojun 310 23979787

   Baojun 560 23981822

   Baojun 730 23930731

   Baojun 310 23893177

   Brilliance-auto V3 QZB1061C

   Brilliance-auto Junjie TW80000316

   Brilliance-auto V6 QZB1091B

   BUICK LaCROSSE 13518371

   BYD S6 3820010F


   Dongfeng Fengshen AX3 Z410010J-F0500 QZB1068

   Dongfeng Jingyi X5 94103-01 BM3-3820020

   FAW BenTeng R9 3820015ABK01

   FORD Transit ZB168F1T

   GEELY Yuanjing X6 451003 QE17WT1K16791

   GEELY Yuanjing 94206-05

   GEELY Yuanjing 942210-270

   GREAT WALL Havel H6 3820400AKZ54A

   GREAT WALL Havel H1 38200100XG83XA

   GREAT WALL Havel H2 3820100XSZ08B

   GREAT WALL Havel H6 3820100AKZ54A

   Haima M6 FC5A-55-430

   HYUNDAI VERNA 94003-D0010

   JMC Yusheng GP2-10849-MA II

   MITSABISHI Outlander MM0059-502

   NISSAN Venucia T90 3230796-9

   OTHER CHINESE CAR ZHOGNXINPICKUP G001268 3820010-1510 V3820

   OTHER CHINESE CAR ZHOGNXINPICKUP G001268 3820010-1511 V3820

   SUZUKI S-CROSS 34100-66MA0-00

   TJFAW XIALI N5 83800-TBA20

   TOYOTA PRADO 4000 83800-0G022-A


   TOYOTA PRADO 80800-6AG80-B

   TOYOTA Sienna 83800-08590-00


   TOYOTA Highlander 83800-0E660

   TOYOTA Yaris 83800-0DX40

   TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 83800-6AD30-F

   TOYOTA CROWN 83800-0N160 II

   WULING Rongguang 23888822

   WULING Rongguang ZB169N-C

   WULING hong guang S 23902989

   WULING Rongguang V 23957308

   WULING Hongguang S1 23902135

   ZOTYE Z300 3820010-A01

   ZOTYE T300 3820010001-M12 3820BL

2.Mileage(8 Pin), algorithm update:

   GREAT WALL HavelH2_3820100XSZ08A


3.Added search function features in 9S12, Atmel, MB91, M35080, Airbag, ECU, BCM, Amp, and Other pages.

   Added search chip functionality to the Programmer page.

4.Now connection is interrupted when MAC724x chip erase, will prompt an error message.

V5.0.2.0  Free Version


1.Mileage(8 Pin), added support model

   BAIC Weiwang M20 ZY-ZB116B-01 38200000-B02-000

   BAIC Zhanqi ZB128BA

   Baojun 730 23565446

   Baojun 730 23930732

   BISU T5 38200000-H04-000

   Dongfeng Tianjin 3801040-C1252

   Dongfeng Fengguang 580 3820010-SA01 II

   Dongfeng Xiaokang K07II ZB170A 3820010-06

   Dongfeng Jingyi X5 J000122 320133 B12-3820060

   Dongfeng Xiaokang V22 3820010-VA03

   Dongfeng Junfeng 3801010-K61002

   FAW Junpai D60 83800-TFA70 ZB1178B1

   FAW SENYA R7  ZB1191B

   FAW FAW-JIABAO V75 3820010A1V6

   FORD Escort ED8T-10849-AF II

   FUDAY ZB176A2 38201000K9AA

   GEELY Yuanjing 230057 01733307 170330


   GEELY Yuanjing 230057 01733307 170607

   GEELY Yuanjing X1 LC-3AB 451003 01731842 170401

   GEELY Yuanjing 230057 01733309 170713

   GEELY Yinglun ZB1121A1

   Haima HAPPIN HMKC-55-430 II

   HONDA CRV 78100-T0X-H210M1

   HYUNDAI Elantra Elantra 94013-4V160

   JAC M4 L23060 3820100V6510 38201M4C1 XTD-170424

   JAC Geerfa 3801910H4020

   JAC Pickup 9P210849AC

   Jiefang Pickup 3820010-3A0 QZB1035B

   Jinbei 750 3820100-C01

   Jinbei 750 3820100-C02-BA II

   KIA KX3 94003-D8100

   KIA SOUL 94003-2X100


   OTHER CHINESE CAR Isuzu 3820010-L20PA


   OTHER CHINESE CAR Isuzu Qingling Pickup 3820010-44KA

   SUZUKI ZY-ZB112B-13 34100D6DJ30

   TJFAW XIALI N5 83800-TBD80 ZB1182A6

   TOYOTA YARiS L 83800-0DX00

   TOYOTA CROWN 83800-0N160

   TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 83800-6AG80-B

   TOYOTA Levin 83800-F2D11 II

   WAW Aochi 33047 3820010-N82

   WULING Zhiguang 23903219

   WULING Rongguang 23887041 ZB169P-B

   WULING Rongguang 23957309

   WULING hong guang S 24568693

   WULING Rongguang 23887041

2.Programmer, Fujitsu MB91F59BC, MB91F59AC, function update.